Performing photo-quadrat in Ludao, Taiwan

Personal background :

I am born in South of France. Growing up between the Alps & Provence, I have always been amazed by Nature & its diversity.
Feature-img Stegausorus Ridge hike in Northern Taiwan

Remembering my grand-father's stories about Polynesian reefs, I took on the adventure of discovering coral reefs ecology during my second year of master degree & could not consider another path for myself ever since.
Feature-img Dive in the White Valley (Polynesia, 2017)

Academic background :

2020 - Ph.D. degree in Life Science (TIGP biodiv. program, BRCAS-NTNU, Taiwan)

2013 - M.Sc. degree in Biology & Ecology (EPHE-PSL, France)

2011 - B.Sc. degree in Geography & Urban Planning (University of Lyon III, France)

2011 - Adv. Vocational degree in Protection & Management of Ecosystems (LAP Poisy, France)

2010 - Adv. Vocational degree in Environmental Awareness (MFR Mondy, France)


About me

My research focuses on coral-associated ecosystems, especially within the Kuroshio region. I am based in Taiwan & currently a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Oceanography of National Taiwan University (IONTU-FRElab).

I have an interest on both modern & paleo-reefs as past ecosystems can hold crucial informations for scientists to understand better reef ecosystems & predict their future in the ongoing changing era. However, the reciproque is also true. It is important to have a good knowledge of reef's functioning using today's reefs in order to understand past-reefs functioning & their trajectories through geological periods.

When you've finished washing & dressing each morning, you must tend your planet.
- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry in The Little Prince (1943) -

Current project

Since July 2021, I have joined the team of Pr. Vianney Denis at the Functional Reef Ecology lab (IONTU, Taiwan) to work on the 100 Taiwan Reefs Matter (100TRM) project funded by the Ocean Conservation Administration (OCA, Taiwan).

2023 - Expected delivery of the final project's products to OCA & the public

This project aims:
  • 1) to document the current state of coral-communities within Taiwan ocean waters,
  • 2) to evaluate the efficacy of the Taiwanese Marine Protected Areas (MPAs).

Pre-fieldwork electronic checkup Feature-img

To date [07/2023], we performed field investigations in 101 locations, using transect and photo-quadrat methods. Our survey includes numerous remote islets such as Penjiayu (彭佳嶼), Mianhuayu (棉花嶼), Huapingyu (花瓶嶼), Turtle Island (龜山島), Ludao (綠島), Lanyu (蘭嶼), Xiaoliuqiu (小琉球), Penghu archipelago (澎湖) as well as remote sites such as Qixingyan (七星岩).

MPAs in Taiwan:

In Taiwan, numerous governing agencies are implementing various MPAs types & do not necessarly consults each other in their establishment or management. It can occasionally lead to complex overlap between MPAs &/or managing agencies (see maps below). Such situations are unlikely to provided better or more efficient ecosystems management, highlighting the necessity for a countrywide evaluation of the different types of MPAs existing in Taiwan and a better consultation between the various governing agencies involved in both MPAs implementation and management.

Simplified MPAs map around Penghu's main islands
Simplified MPAs map in Northern Taiwan